Reading for Pleasure Day

Wow, what an amazing day today has been!

We wore our jeans to school today to raise money for jeans for genes day and had our first reading for pleasure day.

We started the day by sharing our favourite stories with each other and what made us fall in love with reading.

After that, we created some posters for our reading display and then explored different books in our own classroom.

We then created our very own reading rivers using the iPads which arrived in our classrooms yesterday!

Finally, we enjoyed reading in our library and hearing Claude at the Palace (Claude is our new talk for writing text and we love him and Sir Bobbly Sock).

Thank you 3ZY for being such an awesome class, have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!

Welcome to 3ZY

I hope you have all had wonderful Summer Holidays.

My favourite part of the Summer Holidays was when we found the wild ponies at Sutton Park, I had been searching for a year!

They were so beautiful, I didn’t want to leave them.

I can’t wait to see you in school on Monday!